Food Truck - Hearty. Healthy. Homestyle.

Big News: Alexander's is proud to announce the opening of our new outdoor kitchen at Treleaven Wines!  Check us out on facebook for both our winery kitchen and food truck events!

Welcome to Alexander's Meals

Nothing says love like a slow simmering pot of chicken and vegetables that's wafting delicious savory smells into the air.   

Food is my passion and I've always loved to be able to communicate directly with those that I serve.  This food truck allows me to create  healthy, hearty and delicious meals and removes the 'front' and 'back' of house feel from most commercial eating experiences.

The menu rotates often, and is always prepared and served with a smile! 

Facebook: alexandersmeals and alexandersattrealeaven
Twitter: @alexandersmeals
Instagram: alexanders_meals

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